Local Beach Pics-Heather Cottage, Llanmadoc, Gower Peninsula

Heather Cottage, Llanmadoc, Gower Peninsula

Local Beach Pics


Taken from the top of Llanmadoc Hill behind our cottages towards Berges Island and Whitford Lighthouse you can walk these dunes and beach directly from our cottages

Rhossili Bay from Rhossili

Three miles of expansive Atlantic Storm Beach great for walking surfing and windsurfing. Some of the best Sea Angling in the UK of Seabass, Flounder, Smoothhound, Golden Gray Mullet, Whiting and Mackerel. You may spot the odd Basking Shark (harmless to humans)


Whitford Lighthouse

The tiny white speck is the lighthouse. View from Llanmadoc Hill summit.

Rhossili waves

Storm Beach towards Worms Head at Llangennith Beach aka Rhossili Bay

Rectory above Rhossili Beach

Built and located between Llangennith and Rhossili Villages to keep both Congregations happy

Llanmadoc Beach

Taken from Broughton Beach end of the Bay

Golden Grey Mullet

One of the few places in the UK where this species can be targeted by anglers (we always put them back). Note the 50p sized Gold thumbprint on the gill area

Rhossili 28May2012

Note the weather front moving in from the north west see later photos

Rhossili on 28May2012

Family on beach below Rhossili Village way in distance

Our nearest Beach Jul2011

Heather and Jan walking down to the local beach (we walk our two dogs there every day and let them run free)

Llanmadoc Bay

Photo of Broughton Beach / Llanmadoc Beach at Whitford Bay taken from HillTor above the bay near The St Madocs Christian Youth Camp - walk here in 20 mins from our cottages

Berges Island Woods

Llanmadoc Beach has dunes and woodland on a wooded peninsula called Berges Island near Whitford Lighthouse

Local Beach Walk Jul2011

Llanmadoc Beach taken form the gently sloping cliffs and woods above

Llanmadoc Village and Hill

Taken from the Berges Island / Cwm Ivy Woods area looking south west back towards the village and up towards Llanmadoc Hill

Walk dogs here daily

We walk our two dogs here every day (Broughton Beach)

The Dunes at Berges Island

Llanmadoc Beach Dunes

Llanmadoc Hill Top

Looking over Whitford Bay and the Lighthouse and Berges Island. The cottage is in Llanmadoc Village half way down this hill.

Circular walk July 2011 022

Cwm Ivy Woods

5 mins stroll down the lane from our cottages

Cliffs above beach

Llanmadoc Beach due North

Taken from Woods above the dunes walk here in around 15 mins form our cottages

Beach at Llanmadoc

View North West above Llanmadoc Beach towards Broughton. This is closest beach to our cottages. Dog Friendly all year aroud. Broughton and Llanmadoc Beaches are two ends of one single three mile long Bay (Whitford Bay) and you can walk from one to the other unless the tide is full in. Both are safe to exit to safe/dry land at high tide.

Sea Wall Cheriton

The wall was breached and undermined by as Storm in around 2010 and now the sea floods in at high tides and has reclaimed the glebe at Cwm Ivy turning it into salt marsh under a managed retreat scheme by Environment Wales. You therefore cannot walk across this sea wall to the other end as there is a gap.


We have Lapwings Oystercatchers and a host of other sea, coastal and estuary birds at Llanmadoc Beach.




Whiteford Lighthouse

Oldest Cast Iron Mainland Lighthouse in Britain

Berges Island Ponies

Welsh Blacks

Cattle are no longer able to do this since Sea Wall collapse in 2010 but you may still occasionally see a herd on the beach

Walks around our beach areas

May 2012 Cheriton Pill

Taken from just above Llanmadoc / Cheriton twin Villages due North West over the Berges Island

Local Pub the Brit

Britannia Inn walk in 5 mins from our cottages

Our Local

Some Locals

Rhossili Bay

You can drive here to the spot the photo was taken in about 15 mins from our cottages. or you could walk there in around 1.5hrs to 2hrs depending how fast you walk - walk via Llanmadoc Hill (or Broughton Bay) then Llangennith Village (lemonade in Kings Head) and then down to Hill-End Camp Site and across the Bay to Rhossili and up he cliffside Steps (up a quite steep steps path) to the Worms Head Inn for Lunch.

Worms Head Inn Rhossili

National Trust Shop Rhossili

50 meters from cottage

Two routes to the beaches locally

Berges Island

Cwm Ivy Woods and Berges

Whiteford Lighthouse is in far distance

St Madocs Church

Windswept Trees

our local church at St Madocs/St Madogs


Burry Holm Island

North end of Rhossili Beach

Burry Holm Island

North end of Rhossili Bay (north end of Llangennith Beach) access to beach at Hillend Camping Site Car Park. You can walk to Burry Holm Island along the cliffs in a westerly direction from our cottages via Broughton Beach and a clifftop walk above Blackrock and Blue Pool (takes under 1 hour).

Winter waves at Burry Holms

North end of Rhossili Bay

Winter Robin

Taken early March 2023 in Cwm Ivy

Whitford Bay

From Llanmadoc Hill - The Brecon Beacons in distant background up Swansea Valley